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Every day we entrust the lives of our neighbors and the reputation of our company to a small group of EMTs with the skill and experience necessary to save a life under the most demanding conditions. If you have what it takes or are willing to volunteer your time to learn, we encourage you to join our team.

Do you have what it takes?

  • Strong BLS skills

There is no guarantee that a paramedic will be close behind or even available at all. The responsibility for patient care often falls solely on the ambulance crew. Our EMTs must be ready to handle everything from a cardiac arrest to a near-drowning on their own.

  • Ability to manage a scene

It is critical that our EMTs can not only manage a patient, but also control a scene and prioritize patients. It is typical for our crew to be first on-scene of car accidents and major traumas.

  • A progressive attitude

At North Stonington Ambulance we are constantly trying new things to improve our service. From mechanical devices to assist with CPR to new diagnostic tools , things are always changing.

  • Community involvement

A typical shift might include a stand-by at a Wheeler High School sporting event, or giving a tour of the ambulance to a local summer camp. In either case, an outgoing attitude and a desire to be a part of our community are vital.

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