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How Can I Help?

  • Fill out an application

This is the starting point for whichever path to volunteering you choose to take. As a member of North Stonington Ambulance you can attend monthly meetings, vote on major decisions and elect the Board of Directors. These meetings are also a great place to meet everyone and find your place in the Association.

  • Become an EMT

How many volunteer jobs can offer the chance to save a life? We know that becoming an EMT is a lot to ask of a volunteer, but the confidence and pride you take away will be well worth it.

  • Share your skills of leadership

Whether you have medical training or a strong financial background, our Board of Directors is a great place for you to donate some knowledge.

  • Start out small

Waking up at 3 AM for an ambulance call not your thing? No problem. We can always use some help around the building or an extra set of hands at community events. Whether you're a good landscaper or enjoy teaching kids - we have a place for you.

Becoming an EMT

  • Become a member of North Stonington Ambulance. This will give you a great resource. We’ll help you along the way and even reimburse your costs for training.

  • Find a local EMT course and register. Usually these classes are held during the evening and on a few weekends. Expect to spend about 150 hours total, including time spent observing at local hospitals and with local ambulance services.

  • Once you have successfully completed the EMT course, the next step is testing by the State of Connecticut. Don't worry - we’ll help you practice!

  • OK - so now you have been through the class and passed the State test and you're ready to go. Well, almost ready. The last step is the training from your local ambulance service. This includes classes in patient privacy, OSHA compliance, and regional medical policies. This also includes your time as a "third-rider" on the ambulance (working with an experienced crew) to gain skills and experience.

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